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Once you are in Drefelin look out for the red postbox on a pole. See our detailed driving directions and Googla Map links below.

Our three cottages are located at:

Dolgoch Mill, Drefelin
Drefach Felindre
SA44 5XB

PLEASE NOTE: The driveway down from the road to Dolgoch Mill Cottages is short, but quite narrow and quite steep. It is absolutely fine for most family sized cars, SUV’s and MPV’s – but the first time you drive down it you may find it… different!

We have had all manner of delivery vans deliver to our front door and our trusty, fairly low, Z4 tackles it fine. However it may not be to everyone’s taste so if you have any doubts, or are travelling in anything bigger than a ‘typical’ seven seater or have a very low or lowered car please contact us for advice before arriving.

Dolgoch Mill Cottages are located in a beautiful Welsh valley. Some of the access roads into Drefelin from the surrounding hills are therefore narrow, steep and have hairpin bends – some have all three! If you desire an easier route to Dolgoch Mill Cottages then enter Drefelin from the west by driving to Drefach Felindre first and then on to Drefelin or our postcode of SA44 5XB. If you are only used to city driving and want to start your holiday with something a little bit different then enter Drefelin from the east which will give you the chance to enjoy narrow single track lanes, steep hills and hairpin bends! You should also then drive past the five single storey weavers cottages that date back to a time when the area was the centre of the Welsh woollen industry.


Perhaps the easiest route… as you are leaving Carmarthen keep an eye out for the Glandwili hospital.

SATNAV: Using SatNav with our postcode SA44 5XB will take you to the centre of Drefelin. The centre of the hamlet is a couple of hundred metres west of Dolgoch Mill Cottages so keep driving and look for the red postbox and you’ll see our driveway.


About 11 miles from the Carmarthen Glandwili hospital roundabout on the A484 look out for and turn left at the first brown tourist signs you will have seen since leaving Carmarthen, the top sign pointing towards the National Woollen Museum 5 miles away.

Having turned off the A484, stay on this road for about 1.7 miles until you come to a five way crossing (Five Ways) and look for another brown tourist sign pointing right to the National Woollen Museum. The first time you come to this junction it may not be obvious which right hand road the sign is pointing to but it’s the one physically right next to the sign.

Stay on this mostly down hill road, driving through the village of Cwnpengraig and past the chocolate box Stori Fawr thatched cottage on the right hand side and then at 2.2 miles from Five Ways – turn very sharp right then immediately turn left down the small road signed towards Drefelin. (If you drive past the Drefach Felindre sign you’ve overshot the very sharp right by 50 metres or so!) Once you’re on the Drefelin road you will see the big blue “Unsuitable for heavy goods vehicles” sign.

Drive down this narrow lane through Drefelin and at 0.4 miles look for the red post box on a pole on the right hand side, possibly hidden behind a red car.

Please do not try and turn into Dolgoch Mill Cottages. Drive on past the postbox a couple of hundred metres and then turn around where the road turns sharp right. Drive back towards the centre of Drefelin and the red postbox will now be on your left. Immediately after the postbox drive slowly down the gravel drive, over the narrow bridge and park in the courtyard facing the flower bed in front of the low stone wall.